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Are my models trained just on my image uploads? How are they built?

Frigate+ models are built by fine tuning a base model with the images you have annotated and verified. The base model is trained from scratch from a sampling of images across all Frigate+ user submissions and takes weeks of expensive GPU resources to train. If the models were built using your image uploads alone, you would need to provide tens of thousands of examples and it would take more than a week (and considerable cost) to train. Diversity helps the model generalize.

What is a training credit and how do I use them?

Essentially, 1 training credit = 1 trained model. When you have uploaded, annotated, and verified additional images and you are ready to train your model, you will submit a model request which will use one credit. The model that is trained will utilize all of the verified images in your account. When new base models are available, it will require the use of a training credit to generate a new user model on the new base model.

Are my video feeds sent to the cloud for analysis when using Frigate+ models?

No. Frigate+ models are a drop in replacement for the default model. All processing is performed locally as always. The only images sent to Frigate+ are the ones you specifically submit via the Send to Frigate+ button or upload directly.

Can I label anything I want and train the model to recognize something custom for me?

Not currently. At the moment, the set of labels will be consistent for all users. The focus will be on expanding that set of labels before working on completely custom user labels.

Can Frigate+ models be used offline?

Yes. Models and metadata are stored in the model_cache directory within the config folder. Frigate will only attempt to download a model if it does not exist in the cache. This means you can backup the directory and/or use it completely offline.

Can I keep using my Frigate+ models even if I do not renew my subscription?

Yes. Subscriptions to Frigate+ provide access to the infrastructure used to train the models. Models trained using the training credits that you purchased are yours to keep and use forever. However, do note that the terms and conditions prohibit you from sharing, reselling, or creating derivative products from the models.